“Give graciously, cheerfully, and sympathetically.”


Promoting philanthropy begins at an early age at the Marks JCH. This year, a dozen of our best and brightest teens volunteered to serve on the Teen Philanthropy Board after participating in a philanthropic project led by board members Jonathan Gold, Anton Gorshkov and Marks JCH CEO/Executive Director Alex Budnitsky at the "J"’s teen summer overnight camp, Camp B'Yachad. These 12 incredible kids are all Russian-speaking Jewish children of immigrants from the former Soviet Union who live in Brooklyn and have been long-time campers at the "J," starting in our day camp and moving to our B’yachad overnight camp. They attend local public schools, including Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Midwood, Murrow, and Madison. Each of the teens also work or volunteer at the "J" in addition to their busy school and extracurricular activity schedules. We are privileged to be working with the best and brightest first generation American Jewish teens who have the potential to achieve their American Dreams and give back to the J in the coming years.

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